House Of Cards Season 7: Robin Wright’s as Claire has done a great job in Season 6, and so are the anticipation of Fans!! Will there be any change due expectation??

Will there be a future for the show, following all the drama that happened off-screen?

House Of Cards is a Netflix series that had been adapted from the 1990 BBC miniseries of the same name, which in turn was inspired from the novel by Michael Dobbs. It started airing from February 1, 2013, and had a total of six seasons.

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So will a seventh season happen?

Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards (pun intended) and season six is looking to be the last one. The declaration came in 2017 after lead actor Kevin Spacey came under fire from actor Anthony Rapp, who alleged that Spacey had sexually assaulted him when he was 14.

This caused a major disruption to the show and Spacey was fired. This led to the creators having to improvise and season 5’s finale set up the next segment “Claire versus Straight to the point”, and Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright took the lead spot in the show.

It’s too early to state whether the show will be renewed for a seventh season as they will obviously need to make up a lot of stuff to cover up Frank’s departure.

In season 6, we got to see President Claire Underwood take on the sibling mogul duo Annette and Bill Shepherd, who had a history with the Underwood’s. Apart from the Shepherds, Claire also has Annette’s loyal lap dog son Duncan, who is a rising power in DC, to worry about. Through their company Shepherd Unlimited, the Shepherds try to bend and twist the American political economy to their shared dreams.

If the creators can guarantee that Claire can keep the house of cards standing on her own, they will be making the seventh season but it turned out to be just anticipation as the official announcement reveals that House of Cards season 6 would be the final season which closes all the doors of Season 7 expectation at this point.

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