“Hotel Transylvania 4”: Miley Cyrus was replaced by Selena Gomez!! Why SONY did that??

Disclosure of replacement of Cyrus by Selena was shocking!

In multiple posts on Twitter by Miley Cyrus, she hit back the reports that she cheated on Liam Hemsworth, a soon-to-be ex-husband.

 She also acknowledged her career hiccups and partying past in the process. She also tweeted that when she was 17, she lost a “massive” deal with Walmart for “ripping a bong.”

Cyrus also said that she was fired from  Hotel Transylvania, an animated Adam Sandler film franchise, for “buying Liam a penis cake for his birthday and licking it.”

Selena Gomez replaced Miley and took part as vampire Mavis in her place and has voiced the character for three films. A fourth movie is on the way.

The incident that Cyrus is referred to happened in January of 2012, at Hemsworth’s birthday party at Downtown, Los Angeles. A photograph shows Miley trying to lick the phallic-shaped cake. After a week, there were reports claimed that Miley  Cyrus dropped out of Hotel Transylvania. A source for The Hollywood Reporter claimed on Thursday that Sony did not want Cyrus to work in the movie after seeing that photos, as they were afraid of the brand name because of her more adult image.

 Miley was photographed smoking from a bong in 2010, around her 18th birthday, after which she lost the Walmart deal. Reports claimed that she was smoking salvia, an herb that is legal to possess in California.

Cyrus said in her next tweet that she learned from every experience in her life. She is not perfect and doesn’t want to be perfect as it is boring. Cyrus added by saying. “I’ve grown up in front of you, but the bottom line is, I HAVE GROWN UP.”

Hotel Transylvania 4 voice

Adam SandlerasDracula (voice)
Andy SambergasJonathan (voice)
Selena GomezasMavis (voice)
Kevin JamesasFrankenstein (voice)
Fran DrescherasEunice (voice)

What Happens In Hotel Transylvania 4?

The Production house didn’t reveal anything regarding Hotel Transylvania 4. So guessing what will happen in 4th movie is like gambling. But we are definitely going to see more of Father-Daughter duo.

Will everything goes well between them with the marriage of Dracula, is quite a question we will be answered in 4th movie.

The relation between Mavis and her new Stepmother will be explored in the next movie.