Horse Barbie: Geena Rocero’s Empowering Memoir of Resilience and Self-Acceptance

Geena Rocero’s Memoir: “Horse Barbie”

Geena Rocero’s memoir “Horse Barbie” tells a story of a Filipina-American trans woman and a successful model. The memoir follows her growing up in the Philippines, moving to the US, and working in the modeling industry. Rocero shares her experiences of gender identity, discrimination, and success in the industry.

Early Days of Trans Beauty Pageants in the Philippines

Rocero’s childhood in the Philippines was marked by her interest in feminine clothes and the country’s famous transgender beauty pageants. She found her place as a competitor in the pageants and eventually earned the nickname “Horse Barbie”.

Rise to Fame

Rocero quickly rose to fame in the trans pageant scene in the Philippines, thanks to her tall stature and stunning good looks. She went on to compete in numerous pageants and experienced the sisterhood of the trans beauty queens.

Moving to America

Rocero moved to San Francisco when she was 17 and began her new life in the US. Struggling to make ends meet, she worked at Macy’s cosmetics counter to save up for gender-affirming surgery in Thailand.

New York City and Her Career Takes Off

After relocating to New York City, Rocero’s modeling career took off, with campaigns for prominent brands and magazines. Her stunning good looks and long legs caught the attention of fashion photographers, leading to her winning a place in the 2005 Complex magazine feature “The 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World.”

Fear of Coming Out

Rocero remained closeted for years, afraid to come out due to the stigma attached to being a trans woman. The fear of losing her career and the possibility of receiving threats were reasons why she chose to stay in hiding.

Achievements and Struggles

Despite her accomplishments, Rocero struggled with anxiety and the pressure of being in the public eye as a trans woman. Her memoir recounts the struggle to build her career and overcome the obstacles she faced.

Empowering the Trans Community

Rocero’s memoir is not only a personal story, but it’s also a call to action for trans rights and inclusivity. She draws inspiration from her own challenges and triumphs to empower other trans individuals to live their truth and embrace their identity.

Final Thoughts

Overall, “Horse Barbie” is an inspiring and candid memoir that tells a story of resilience, survival, and hope. It’s a testament to the power of self-acceptance and self-expression, and the importance of sisterhood and community.


Rocero’s “Horse Barbie” memoir is a powerful story of her journey to achieving success as a trans woman. It highlights the ups and downs of her life, from growing up in the Philippines to finding her place in the US modeling industry. Her memoir is an empowering call to action to support trans rights and inclusivity.


1. Who is Geena Rocero?

Geena Rocero is a Filipina-American trans woman, who is a successful model and advocate for trans rights and visibility.

2. What is “Horse Barbie” about?

“Horse Barbie” is Rocero’s memoir that follows her journey from growing up in the Philippines to finding success in the US modeling industry.

3. What is the significance of the title “Horse Barbie”?

“Horse Barbie” is a nickname that Rocero was given during her early days competing in trans beauty pageants in the Philippines. The name is a reference to her tall stature and stunning looks.

4. What are the major themes in the memoir?

The major themes in “Horse Barbie” include gender identity, self-expression, discrimination, and the empowering journey of finding self-acceptance.

5. What is Rocero’s message to the world?

Rocero’s memoir is a call to action for trans rights and inclusivity. She empowers other trans individuals to embrace their identity and live their truth with pride.