Passengers Terrified as Coastal Storm Rocks Carnival Cruise Ship: Inside Their Nightmare

Coastal Storm Rocks Carnival Cruise Ship Leaving Passengers Terrified



Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship were left frightened as a powerful storm off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, battered the vessel over the Memorial Day weekend. With broken glass, water pouring into rooms and hallways, and a lack of communication from crew members, some passengers reported feeling sick and terrified by the rough weather. Videos shared on social media showed heavy damage along some of the decks of the ship, leaving passengers questioning why the ship was sailed into such extreme weather.

The Storm Hits the Carnival Sunshine

Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine described the storm as terrifying. Rough coastal storms hit the vessel as it returned from a weekend trip to the Bahamas. Large waves, heavy rain, and strong winds rocked the ship, leaving passengers feeling anxious and sick. One passenger reported that his cabin was flooded when a wave broke the window, allowing water to enter. Fellows passengers were said to be “white as ghosts” when the ship finally docked in Charleston.

The Aftermath of the Storm

Several passengers described the chaos that ensued onboard the Carnival Sunshine during and after the storm. They reported shattered glass, debris strewn about everywhere, and flood waters inundating several decks. Some crew cabins were temporarily taken out of service as the cruise line worked to clean up water damage. Guests were left uneasy, with some reporting that they didn’t receive communication or updates on the storm from the crew for over 12 hours.

Carnival’s Response to the Incident

Carnival Cruise Line addressed the weather disruption in a statement, describing the Carnival Sunshine’s delay and the impact the storm had on the rough seas. The cruise line appreciated the patience and understanding of all guests, apologizing for the delay in returning to port. Carnival Sunshine is now operating on its next five-day Bahamas sailing, despite damage incurred during the storm.

Passengers’ Reaction to the Storm

Passengers have raised questions on the decision to allow the ship to sail into such extreme weather conditions, with some suggesting that Carnival should have waited a day for the storm to subside before setting sail. Others noted a lack of communication from the crew during and after the storm, leaving them feeling anxious, terrified, and ill-prepared for what lay ahead. Some passengers have even taken to social media to demand answers and push for changes in the way cruise lines handle storms and weather disruptions.


The Carnival Sunshine incident highlights the dangers that can arise when ships are caught in bad weather, leaving passengers feeling scared, ill-prepared, and vulnerable. Despite criticism from passengers, Carnival Cruise Line has maintained that the weather’s prolonged impact on the Charleston area delayed the ship’s arrival, leading to damage and extended delays, safe sailing, and the security of its passengers and staff. Nevertheless, the incident calls into question the role of cruise lines in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their passengers irrespective of the circumstances.



  1. What should I do if I find myself on a cruise ship during a storm?

    If you find yourself on a cruise ship during a storm, stay calm, stay inside your cabin, and keep an eye on any updates provided by the crew. Be sure to pack essential items such as seasickness medication, a flashlight, and appropriate clothing that can withstand high winds and heavy rain.

  2. How can I stay safe when sailing on a cruise ship?

    While it is challenging to predict when bad weather might arise, you can take some measures to ensure your safety when sailing on a cruise ship. Speak to the crew about the weather conditions, keep your phone charged, carry a first aid kit, and be aware of safety procedures and exit routes.

  3. What are some common dangers when bad weather hits a cruise ship?

    Common dangers when bad weather hits a cruise ship include falling objects, flooding, and high winds. Passengers should be cautious when walking around the ship, refrain from standing near windows or balconies, and avoid going outdoors when the crew advises against it.

  4. Who is responsible for the safety of passengers when sailing on a cruise ship?

    The cruise line is responsible for the safety of its passengers and staff. They are tasked with ensuring that all safety protocols are in place, including providing safety instructions, conducting safety drills, and providing emergency equipment, among other measures.

  5. Can I take legal action if a cruise ship sails into a storm?

    While you can take legal action if you feel that a cruise line is responsible for your injuries or suffers in the event of a storm, it is essential to consult a legal expert to determine the avenue best for you. You may file lawsuits for negligence, breach of duty, or other legal grounds, but this may depend on the agreements on the contract you sign before embarking.