Holly Marie Combs Went braless to set in order to oppose push up bras

Holly Marie Combs opposed wearing large, push up bras so, went braless to Charmed set

‘Charmed’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress Holly Marie Combs always opposed the idea of wearing some uncomfortable sets of clothes mainly looking towards underwear like big bras as per instructions from higher levels. In an interview, she disclosed the fact that while shooting for her 1998’s series ‘Charmed’, she was asked to wear a large, padded push-up bra. However, she never liked the idea of wearing it. So, she decided to go braless to set as they stressed about it a lot.

Holly Marie Combs | charmed
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Following, she apologized that in many scenes, viewers can notice her not wearing a bra. Moreover, many news were also rolling on media relating to this topic. Yet, she quoted she never regretted for taking such a step as for her it was an essential step. When the interviewer asked about taking any alternative choice to make things work, she concluded the conversation saying there was no alternate way to prove her point of view. Though she did decided it out of frustration, but still it wasn’t a haste step rather a well thought one. Her headstrong personality really made her a highlight.

More about Combs’ fabulous journey

The American actress and producer set her foot in the entertainment industry through 1988’s ‘Sweet Heart’s Dance’. It is a comedy drama which revolves around two couples of different timelines. However, she rose to fame through CBS’ ‘Picket Fences’ which telecasted for 4 seasons. In addition, 1998 launched Fantasy drama ‘Charmed’ was a turning point in Combs’ life.


The story of three good witches made her a most popular actress which runs for eight seasons at stretch. Overally, she contributed in many acclaimed blockbusters with her phenomenal performances including Chain of Desires, A Reason to Believe, Ocean’s Eleven, Sins of Silence, Our Mother’s murder, Hell’s Kitchen and many more. For the last time, she was seen in the “Reunited” episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.