Black Clover Trailer Shows a Determined Asta to Capture the Kingdom of Spades, as the Movie Gears Up for Release

The New Trailer of Black Clover

A piece of good news to Black Clover fans. The Brand New trailer is launched on the collection’s seventh anniversary. This video is released on March 13 through official accounts.

The additional details are not disclosed Yet. Like the details of Staff, studio name, etc. The sure thing is Asta will greet us again in 2023. The quest to become the Wizard King goes on. The character appearance of Asta in the trailer is amazing. The determined Asta will enter the Kingdom of spades to capture. However, the movie will hit the Japanese theatres first. Later the film will be available in international cinemas eventually. In Addition to that, after some weeks the film will be on a streaming service too.

Mobile Game based on Black Clover

The Character Asta is determined to become the next Wizard King. But Asta doesn’t have any magical powers which are not the normal scenario in his world. We will witness his adventure once more through the movie in 2023. The anime adaptation was first released in October 2017. The anime was originally planned with 51 Episodes. However, this continues for new seasons in October 2018 and October 2019. The Final Episode was released in March 2021. Which is the anime’s 170th Episode.

Black Clover

Fascinating news to Black Clover fans is that this anime is to enter the gaming world. This announcement was made at the Black Clover Jump Feats 2022 panel. Fans are super happy by this detail. The title of this game is ‘Black Clover Mobile’. As the name suggests this game is compatible with mobile. The new trailer of the gameplay is released on March 11, 2022.

The anime is available in Crunchy roll in both sub and Dub. In Addition to that, Funimation has the English Dub.

Check out the most anticipating trailer of the Black clover Movie below!