Here’s what the creators of Netflix show Locke and Key Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have to say about their upcoming plans regarding the comics. Check it out!

At the Locke & Key: Season 1 premiere fan ceremony in Los Angeles, author Joe Hill, and artist Gabriel Rodriguez explained that there are more stooges on the way.

While Hill and Rodriguez previously disclosed plans for a new Locke & Key six-volume series, named “World war key” ,back at Sam Diego Comic-Con in 2019.

The creators badgered another comic that they’re flowing to release soon. “And then we have another element that we’re doing, that we’re literally eagered about,” Hill told IGN. “We’ve been daydreaming about it for years and it’s been a duct thing trying to pull it together.”

Rodriguez went on to expound how this new episodes will associate the original six-volume rush to World War Key. “It’s going to be the form we constrict the series of short descriptions that we’ve been doing in what we signal the ‘Golden Age’ for Locke & Key, the stories of Chamberlin Locke and his family,” Rodriguez spoke.

“The edition is going to be the porch that will disseminate the first Locke & Key series with World War Key. We’ve been considering these concepts for four years. And we sense like this is the right time to rebound to this universe.”

Hill also talked about some more particulars about World War Key in strings of its story. “The very first copy takes place at the time of Revolutionary conflict and it’s about how the magical screws won the Revolutionary War,” Hill spoke. “And then the next book, World War Key: Resurrection, surges ahead to the modern-day, where we stopover some popular characters from the Locke & Key series, and we see how they’re doing. And we all see the ceremonies of the Revolutionary conflict blemishing through into the present.”

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