Here’s A Little Sneak Peek Into Lena The Plug’s Social Media And More! What is her net worth?

Social media influencers and Youtube celebs make a fortune of they are popular enough. Millions of subscribers keep close tabs on their everyday life events and these people make money in no time from these contents they make.

Meet Popular American Youtuber Lena The Plug! Have a Look.

American Youtuber Lena Nersesian who goes by the social media name Lena the Plug is one such success story. She makes interesting videos with her friend Emily and boyfriend who goes by the name No Jumper. Take a sneak peek into the YouTuber’s life and more about her videos that are so very popular amongst fans.

The YouTuber is popular enough and has an estimated with of whopping $30,000. Lena made a rather controversial claim saying that she will post a sex tape as soon as she gets one million subscribers! That’s not all as she makes money through different social media hacks.

Take a Look At How She Makes Money From Her Youtube Channel.

Moreover, the popular American influencer also makes extra money by charging fans a monthly fee to view her uncensored Snapchat videos in her premium account. Her channel has as many as 750,000 subscribers as calculated back in 2017. Take a look at this to know what’s it all about.

Over the years she has accumulated over 30 million views so far. Every single day it gets an average of 200,000 views from different sources. So, she managed to make money even from that source and high viewing content as well. That is how she earns such a huge amount from creating content on a regular basis. She is one of the popular youtuber with quite an impressive number of subscribers on YouTube.