Here are the top ways using which you can stream Netflix movies and series with your best friends and watch it together.

Watching movies and web series is the most common time pass for people all around the world. Specially in this lockdown period the demand for this has increased. But at times we all feel that we lack that group while we watch a movie or even our favorite TV series and this somehow makes our experience of watching dull. Undoubtedly all the anti-social people feel this.

Well, do not worry we have brought a solution for this problem. In the present technical world we can get solution to almost every problem. Read the whole story to know how you can watch anything with your friends and family online. We have the best suggestions for you to extend your group online and watch the streaming shows along with them with simple and easy process.

Before we tell you the entire process we want you to know that the extensions are not available for freebies. Thus, it is simply a platform to group streaming and you cannot share your streaming. Everyone who joins the group must have their own subscription to watch the series online.

4 Best ways to enjoy watching online with your Friends:

1. Netflix Party

There are a lot of exclusives in this extension. However, it will only work on Chrome and streams only Netflix.

2. Meta Stream

In this you can watch online series on Firefox and also on Chrome.

The Streaming Platforms include YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, Hulu and Crunchyroll

3. Scener

This runs only on chrome and the streaming platform includes just Netflix.

4. Two Seven

Extension For this is Firefox and Chrome. And the streaming platforms are HBO Now, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Vimeo.

So now you can enjoy watching you favorite shows along with your friends even in this lockdown.