Has Popular Manga Series Drifters been Renewed For Season 2? Here is everything we know including release date, plot and latest updates.

As illustrated by Kouto Hirano, the popular manga series Drifters was an instant hit right from its inception and anime fans loved the show and welcomed it with open arms. Now fans are pretty anxious about the next season to see the story getting unfold further.


Drifter Season 2: Release Date, Plot Development, And Other New Details!

The anime revolves around a team of warriors summoned to wage battle against each other. The hit manga series follows the journey of samurai Shimazu Toyohisa who finds himself suddenly into battle with other legendary warriors and the action proceeds with the pace of the show. However, the action is fast paced with another team coming along to fight them.

After the success of the first season, fans want a second season soon after the first chapter ended with a few loose ends behind. The makers have yet not released any official announcement regarding the second season renewal or release date. If renewed the second season is not coming anytime before 2022 with screenwriting reportedly in the process already.


The Anime Is Still Not Renewed Yet After A Long Time.

As fans saw in the first season finale, a group of warriors caller the Ends are coming-of-age to end the Drifters. So in the second season, expect a full-on war between the two groups. There might be some new development in the plotline as the story proceeds.


While it is surprising that the show is still not renewed for a second season yet after almost three years after the first season ended. While these series do take their sweet time, a announcement might be coming soon enough once things go back to normal. We sure are waiting.