Has Anne Hathaway already given birth to her second child? The Couple Spotted with a Baby Stroll!

Anne Hathaway has reportedly welcomed her second child. She has not made any official announcement yet but she was captured with a baby carrier recently.

Anne had revealed the news that she was pregnant by posting the picture of her baby bump with the caption #2. Anne also revealed that pregnancy has been very tough for her. Anne has one more child who is three years old.

Anne was spotted recently with her husband and her child in a park. Anne also had a baby stroll beside her which was definitely not for her three-year-old child! The family looked very happy together and seemed to love each other’s company.

Anne had splashed the news of her pregnancy in the month of July this year but this did not stop her. Since then she has made numerous breathtaking red carpet appearances. She also got her fashion tag from none other than Brandon Maxwell!

We are very happy for this small happy family and wish them nothing but happiness.