A Florida mom finds herself in a hilariously embarrassing situation at gas station, Shares the video on Facebook!

With the holiday season coming soon, Chrismas vibes are spreading everywhere! But to keep the vibe awake, a mom from Florida found herself in a very embarrassing situation!

Katherine, who is a blogger from Florida shared a funny incident that happened to her at the gas station.

Since this was the holiday season, Katherine decided to pay for women at the gas station who was next in line with her. That went pretty good!

However, soon Katherine saw a man washing her car and she became very happy and emotional at the same time. She felt that it was the magic of the holiday season that makes everyone so supportive.

She went there and hugged the man for doing this. However, soon she realized that the man was washing his car and not hers!  Katherine couldn’t decide what to do and she was speechless!

The video went viral on the internet and everyone is loving it! Watch the full video here :

My Most Embarrassing Moment (Christmas is SO Magical)

Well this takes the cake as the most embarrassing thing I’ve done this year. 😂 😭***follow Mary Katherine Backstrom for more laughs***

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Friday, December 6, 2019