Halsey and Avril Lavigne surprise their fans with a duet performance on “Girlfriend” at this year Halloween Party

Just like every year, Halsey hosted a massive party for Halloween. But this year the party becomes a blast as She and Avril Lavigne performed a duet on ‘Girlfriend’.

The Halloween party theme

The Halloween party was hosted this Friday night in Los Angeles. This year’s party was held to give a tribute to the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s Rockstar. Wait, there is something more in the event Avril Lavigne joined Halsey joined on stage to perform her pop-punk “Girlfriend”. Halsey also performed her hit song “Graveyard” during this exciting event.

Halsey just surprised her fans when she came out with a wildly fabulous outfit for goths with an iconic Marilyn Manson look. The event was based on a theme where you have to give tribute to an old Rockstar, so what exactly she did. And, Lavigne dressed up with vintage Madonna look.

Fans’ Review

The best part about this party was that fans were allowed to attend the party for free. However, Los Angeles added its donation policy for My Friend’s Place, but that was also not mandatory.

Fans were just shocked to witness the live performances of the Rockstars. They have shown their love and excitement on social media platforms, especially twitter.

Even those who were just missed being a part of the Halloween party 2019, they were also able to witness iconic pop performances through the clips on Twitter. Look at their exciting performance.