Halle Berry clinches the top spot in the Best ‘Top 9’ Of 2019 on Instagram

It was the time when celebs have been posting their best of 2019 but this 53-year-old American actress didn’t waste any time to showcase her ‘Top 9’ of 2019 on Instagram.

The nine pictures of hers featured her beauty in different colors


The American Award winner for the best actress for her performance in the romantic drama film Monster’s Ball has erupted Instagram with her stunning pictures. Berry shared her best nine posts on the platform on Monday. As her fans swiped pictures on the app, the pictures took their breath away.

As per the latest post of a collection of nine best pictures of 2019, she left a comment in which she thanked all her well-wishers who are following her on the platform and have been supporting her. ” Thank you for riding with me on this platform. I appreciate you and that special feeling I get from ALL of you. Happy 2020!! #TopNine,” Halle wrote in the caption of her post.”

As one goes through her set of pictures, a couple of pictures are the eye-catching ones where the 53-year-old gorgeous actress unveils some never seen before content.

Her “No Bra Club” tees literally shell shocked everyone as the picture was one of the most liked pictures of the year. She posted the picture in the month of August and captioned it, “Leveled up Circa ‘66.” Berry is clearly referencing the year she was born but she claimed it took her 53 years to “level up?!!” She has been gyming a lot and this for time, she was into high gear.

Where and how often does that exclusive club meet?

Later, she posted a picture displaying her shredded midsection, which depicted the culmination of all her hard work this year and easily took her to “Top 9.” She left a caption on her post that said, “Who’s that looking like a fit goddess? It’s still Halle…”

The washboard abs were posted in late November for “Fitness Friday” and she got deep with her caption. Halle ended her message with a little inspiration for her millions of fans.