Which countries will enter New Year 2020 first and which will enter last?

With New Year on the doorstep people are engaged in celebration all over the world. In different parts of the world people welcome the new year at different time.
How it is decided which countries will enter 2020 first and last?

It is only a matter of few hours that a new year will be started and all will be welcoming 2020. Celebrations are going on all over the world in the event of New Year. Countries all over the world will welcome new year in different time due to difference in time zone and geographical locations. As per Indian Standard time people all around the world have started seeing the clock striking 12 from 31st December itself.
The time zone of the world is divided into 24 different time zones. Each particular region of the countries has different times of seeing the sunlight. Depending on which of these countries will enter daylight first, different regions of these countries will celebrate new year at different specific time. So accordingly depending on these festivities and celebrations all over the world will be going at different times.
First and the last Country to welcome New Year

From New Year to Christmas everyone country gets engaged for the celebration and enjoyment for a whole week. The first country in the world to welcome New Year was Pacific Island Nations of Tonga, Samoa and Kiribarti /Christmas Islands who entered new year on 3:30 pm of 31st December according to Indian Standard time. The last will be Baker and Howrah Islands of US Pacific Island who will enter on 5:30 pm of 1st January in Indian Standard Time.
India will enter New Year on 9th place alongwith Sri Lanka preceded by New Zealand, most parts of Australia, Japan and South and North Korea, China and Philippines and Singapore, Bangladesh and Nepal.