Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Are The Crazy Fan Theories?

One of the most popular series, Guardians of the Galaxy, may have the release of its third season this year. It was supposed to be the first release of Marvel’s Phase 4 this year. But it got delayed due to the firing of the writer-director James Gunn. There are some important changes in the show’s release. You will get all the information about it below.

Is the director back?

Yes, James Gunn is back to work for the third season with Star-Lord and the rest. Disney fired him from the project in July 2018. The reason behind this was the uncovering of some controversial tweets. The company said that James’ offensive attitude and Twitter feeds are inconsistent and indefensible with the company’s values. Thus, they fired him. But hopefully, the issue has been cleared now.

When are Guardians of the Galaxy 3 expected to release?

No particular release date has been officially released by the shoemakers yet. But unfortunately, there are no hopes of getting any Marvel movie until 2021. Thus, Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to hit the screens in 2022 along with some other releases, like the Black Panther 2. The fans will have to wait for a long time to get the show.

Who are all there in the show’s cast?

Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana, is shown alive again in the MCU. Thus, she is gonna appear in the show. There are many other members who will be returning for there respective roles in the upcoming season, but now there’s no news about any new cast member.

So these are the characters Season 3 includes, Star-Lord, also known as Peter Quill, whose role is played by Chris Pratt, Drax played by Dave Bautista, Mantis played by Pom Klementieff and Groot whose vocalist is Vin Diesel. Rocket (whose voice-over is given by Bradley Cooper and played by Sean Gunn) and Nebula played by Karen Gillan are also rejoining the show.

There’s much more news about the show. Stay tuned to our page to get all those news.