GTA 6 Cancelled or Delayed??? GTA Series and Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser No More? Is that the End for the Series?

GTA 6, The Grand Theft Auto fans have got a great teaser about when they could expect Rockstar games to make announcements about their next releases. It recently had it’s third-quarter earnings call, Take-Two interactive execs. The session suggested that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in its development stage. Read the whole article to get all the information.

Rockstar’s marquee franchise’s next installment may not get launched right now. It has been delayed in spite of being long-awaited. GTA Online is doing very well on the screens. There are fewer chances for the company to launch a sequel. President Karl Slatoff did not mention a specific IP. He said that the company’s development is the largest in the next five years. Moreover, it is the most diverse in the company’s history.

The development even includes the releases from its biggest franchise, offers for free playing, new exciting IT, core and mid-core gaming experience. And there’s a lot more exciting slate of titles to be shared in the upcoming months.

Although Take-Twoo has an excellent stable of the franchise, GTA is considered as more significant than it. At times it seems like the thirsty GTA fans will be getting to official words about the sequel. The ongoing success of Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Head Online is recommendable. Thus, Rockstar Games had a great 2019.

The company did not release a new game at the time of the holidays, but it got the right amount of attention. GTA 5 has sold approximately 120 million copies and Red Dead 2 with 30 million till now. And the company expects some more money from GTA Online  Interest of the players has also been very high.

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Taking-Twoo, said that consumer spending for GTA online has grown up to 54 percent. The game has even set two records — the audience size and player number in the previous quarter. So try the game if you haven’t yet.