Grey’s Anatomy Returns with Season 18 Implying Meredith Leaving Grey Sloan! Get Full Review and Precap

“Here Comes the Sun”

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 has its feet set on your TV screens. The new season 18 premiered with its first episode of the season on ABC yesterday. The season opened with its viewers informing that the further storyline is the events of post-pandemic. The staff of Sloan Memorial will no longer wear masks and work in outside tents. 

The first episode is titled “Here Comes the Sun”. The series went back to its roots but turned a new leaf at the same time. Bailey and Richard are sure that Meredith is leaving the ship. To this, she assures them that she’s only there to see the research library. Bailey is interviewing to replace Tom, Avery, and Jo. The show also had the return of Megan. She and Farouk returned for Teddy and Owen’s Wedding. Unfortunately, a bicycle race comes through the barrels at the same time and some of the riders lose control. Teddy goes for his children and Owen for his Mother. Father Patrick who get injured during all of this.  

Grey's Anatomy
Credit: Instagram/Grey’s Anatomy

Surprise! Surprise!

Amelia and Link are to attend the couple’s counselling together as they are facing their problems. Hayes is reaching to Bailey to spend some more time together with the children. The episode has a new familiar face of Scott Speedman’s Nick. Nick was the other person to have electric chemistry with Meredith after Derek.  David also lured Meredith to Minnesota to run a Parkinson’s study with all the best equipment and staff. This was a serious offer for her, a chance away from Grey Sloan. 

The first episode is receiving well reviews. But let’s see what happens in the coming episodes.

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