Grand Valley State University offers college level musicians to play in National Parks.


Grand Valley State University came up with an excellent opportunity for the college level musicians to play music in the National Parks across the entire country. In the time when the college level musicians only perform in their hometowns, they are given a full chance to enhance themselves. The New Music Ensemble is polishing off the CD of commercial purpose to represent the attitude and the beauty of the National Parks. The group performing the music strives to touch the hearts of the people through their contemporary classical music wherever they go.

The Ensemble Director told that they have been working on this project since 2014 and they have asked the composers to write for a specific part of the park where they can continue with the performances. There are a total of 11 compositions for Arches, Capitol Reef, Wind Cave, Badlands, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton national parks. The commercial CD named, Dawn Forest is releasing on April 24, 2020. It is a showcase to the collection of music they made from their performances at different parts of the national parks. The music of the CD is none of a common one. It captures the ethnicity of the music and the scenic beauty of the parks, which takes the listener to another place altogether. Ryan has started the New Music Ensemble in 2006 for the students to achieve more with their musical experiences. It is a UG classical chamber ensemble that is purely dedicated to leaving a mark in the listener’s heart through music. He intends to leave an impact through music. The group promotes the music by commissions, tours, recordings, collaborations, outreach events, and workshops. He further said that he is a composer himself and he wants new contemporary music. He not only enhances the students in the field of modern music but also inspires them to be creative and be passionate for their music and create a future for themselves in that field.


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