Gotham Knights : CW casts Oscar Morgan, Olivia Rose & Navia Robinson, for the Highly-Awaited SpinOff

‘Gotham Knights’ casts trio for the spinoff

CW’s DC universe-set ‘Gotham Knights‘ is on its way to start production soon. Recently, they have casted three acclaimed actors: ‘De Son Vivant’s Oscar Morgan, ‘Raven’s Home’ famed Navia Robinson and ‘Days Of Our Lives’ credited Olivia Rose Keegan to act in batman’s spinoff.

The story revolves around the stories that lead to the transformation of batman to Dark Knight. The interpretation of globe-spanning adventures will take the series to another level. Moreover, many comics and videogames are popular on this ground-breaking plotline.

gotham knights
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Deep dive into the storyline

‘Batman’ Comic Series Writer Bob Kane and Bill Finger inspired storyline begin with the case of murder of Bruce Wayne. Following, his rebellious adopted son joins hands with the enemies of Batman to rebel again blooming popularity of Batman in Gotham City. The group of rebels are charged with heavy crime of killing Caped Crusader.

gotham knights
CREDIT- oliviarosekeegan

So, they are trying their level best to clear the allegation on them. In this process, they face many heart-breaking moments and tear-jerking obstacles. The whole story is woven around the lives and fights of the fugitive group. Towards the climax of the series, many untold back stories and unexpected turns will blow the mid of viewers. Furthermore, it’ll unfold whether the dangerous Gotham City will meet its saviours.

Notable Cast and Crew of ‘Gotham Knights’

2021’s ‘Peaceful’ movie’s Oscar Morgan will portray the role of the rebellious adopted son of Bruce Wayne, Turner Hayes, after his parents murder. He has a twisted character who always dreams to live up to his adopted father’s expectation. Yet, he never really find his real happiness in his privileged life full of wealth and financial abundance.

Days of Our Lives, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series alum Olivia Rose Keegan acts as ‘Duela’. She is a brutal fighter and skilled thief with the abrasive and unpredictable nature. In addition, she is the abandoned daughter of the most dangerous man in Gotham. Along with, Navia Robinson of ‘Raven’s Home’ plays the character of Batman’s unlikely sidekick, Carrie Kelley. She carries of fearless and idealistic attitude as well as first to report the emergency site. Besides, Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara and many more will roundoff the cast of ‘Gotham Knights’.

Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux and Natalie Abrams pens down the screenplay of the series. Meanwhile, Fiveash, Stoteraux, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden will executively produce the spinoff. Apace with them, Danny Cannon will serve as director and exec producer simultaneously. Moreover, Abrams will co-exec produce the ‘Gotham Knights’ series under Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Productions.