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Good News!!! Liam Payne Believes One Direction will Reunite After Two Years!

Get your hopes more high One Direction fans! The former member of the boy band, Liam Payne hinted that there can be a reunion of the band!

Liam opened up and revealed that he has full hopes that the band will come back together. He doesn’t know when, but he is sure it will!

Though all the members have already produced their Solo albums after separation and are doing good, Liam believes that two years more will be enough for producing Solo music! This means there can be a 1-D reunion after two years!

Liam also shared his experience at the Jingle bells where he met Harry Styles after a long span of three years. He was very happy to meet him again and was very glad that Harry was the same, he didn’t change!

When the band broke, the members said that the separation is not permanent and they can get back anytime. However, there has been no news of their reunion since then.

According to another interview given by Liam, he confessed that he hadn’t talked to the other members for a long time and doesn’t know what other feels.

The band initially consisted of five boys and Zayn Malik left the band even before they broke. So if the reunion would happen ever in the future, it is most probably going to be the other four only.


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