Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter is the Most Trending Character from the Anime World – A Review

Gon Freecss is from the series “Hunter X Hunter,” and he is the main protagonist from the series. Even though he was just 11 years old at the starting of the series but now he is at the age of 14-15. One of the main goals in his life is to become a Hunter, just like his father, Ging Freecss. It is not just a goal, but he needed to find out why his father was so dedicated to becoming a hunter that he even did not take care of his own son.


Personality Traits Gon Freecss have-

As for his personality, he is still very childish and cute. He is a very cheerful and friendly person who grew up on an island with a few friends of his age. And as it may seem, he is easy going and make friends easily. Gon can also have some extreme mood swings at times. In his childhood, he was told his parents are dead, and Kite was the one who took care of him all along. So when Kite was killed by Neferpitou, Gon was extremely cold and quiet.

Gon feels very comfortable around nature and animals, which is also a great trait being a hunter. Meanwhile, he is very clever but also very simple-minded, which is a character for Enhancers. He is also very kind and humble, who does not feel discomfort telling Killua how much his friendship means to him.

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Apparently, Gon has mastered Nen along with Killua. However, Gon being an Enhancer can greatly increase his abilities and even his own body size. Gon’s signature attacks are Jajanken and Rock, which involves him using his abilities as Enhancer. His attack, Nen, can be used to create a blade of Nen (Scissors). Not only this, but he can also send a vast amount of aura with his hands. More than anything, he has great tolerance for pain, which is very useful in a lot of situations.

But after the transformation of Gon as an older version of him, he completely loses his power to use Nen. This transformation may have killed Gon, but somehow he survived.