Anime star Shoto Todoroki character review. Here is everything you need to know.

An anime character of My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki is one of the popular anime characters among the Manga series. Here is a brief review of this strong popular anime character. Read on to know more.

Undoubtedly, an anime character from one of the famous manga series “My Hero Academia’s,” Shoto Todoroki is strong and popular enough. Here we have gathered some brief information on his character. 

I am one of the ardent fans of this anime. I love all the characters in it and appreciate their heroic qualities. But Shoto Todoroki is my favorite one. Although he has an unfair fate, he never complains. He adheres to justice, being brave and tenacious. His spirit inspires me. I have collected a lot of My Academia products about him, such as figures, lapel pins, stickers, etc. Sometimes, it’s hard to get a collection of stickers only him in stores. Then I’ll customize them on with his images or quotes. They have advanced design systems, quality products, and perfect services. I put these custom die-cut stickers on my notebook and water bottles. Once I see them, I gain motivation and confidence. No stickers, no fun.

The Look Of Shoto Todoroki

Todoroki is a character with half-red and half-white hair along with a perfect split down the middle. He has a green and black mixed color eye. The right side of his face-meaning the white color hair side belongs from his mother’s genes while the left side face with-meaning the red color hair side belongs from his father’s genres. 

On the right side of his face, on the right eye, he has a large scar which he had from a pot of boiling water being poured on him when he was a child. But still, he is looking so dashing and attractive. 

About His Early Life

Todoroki is a character who had suffered a lot in his early life. As he never had a love of his parents as every other child did because his parents did not have a good marriage, but they never divorced as their reputation will ruin. He had a painful childhood, even the scar on his face was given by his mother.  

Later, a girl named Yaoyorozu Momo become his friends. Just like Todoroki, she was also attending the UA. 

Todoroki’s outfit is a half-cold and half-hot-meaning. He is capable of creating ice from his right side and fire from his left side. And later, there is one more character named Midoriya Izuku along with Todoroki.