God of war 5: Here is every little detail you want to know including release date, gameplay and other exclusive updates.

The incredible play station series, God of War by Sony Santa Monica studios is going to feature a really interesting show that has always competed with rest of the popular shows. Well, God of War has also made a firm place in the heart of all the gamers. It is in existence since 2005 and is one of the oldest play station series. And we know that old is indeed the only gold. Now a days, it is receiving good recognition we hope that this continues.


Release Date:

We are aware of the fact that the god of war that released in 2018 took ample of time to get featured. Fans were desperately waiting for it and it was difficult for all of the them to cop up with the immense time lapse. However, the season five will not take that much time to get launched. According to the previous pattern it seems to release date in the year 2022 but the makers wont lag the series for such a long time and will hopefully bring it up in 2021.



Till now there’s no official announcement regarding the release date neither by the creators nor the respective studios. And there’s not even a trailer for it. Thus, we cant assure you of anything now. But obviously we’ll inform you ones the official information regarding the release date and trailer is out.

Details regarding the plot:


Season 5 will make us familiar with the details of Norse mythology. We will get the final story that was left behind during the conclusion of the war games. Thus, season 5 is expected to bring some extra thrill with it and the audience us really excited about it. Praisers of the show are eagerly waiting for it’s arrival. So stay connected to get all the latest information about it.