Andy Dalton Is Facing Severe Consequences After Allegedly Sending Inappropriate Messages To A Minor! Read to know the full story.

It seems like Andy Dalton is in grave trouble as Inspire Pro Wrestling has decided to cut all ties with the wrestler following the severe allegations of misconduct made on Dalton. Let us take a closer look at the whole fiasco that has happened after the allegation was proven to be true.


Andy Dalton Is Facing Severe Consequences For The Allegations Made On Him.

The wrestler is facing dangerous allegations of sending inappropriate messages to a minor! The whole allegation has been backed up with screenshots as prove. In this recent turn of events, Dalton has come forward and apologized for his actions on social media. Take a look at the Twitter post of the official statemnt issued by Pro Inspired Wrestling and making it clear that they will not be keeping any professional ties with the wrestler for the th being after the whole thing came into light.

However, a mere apology doesn’t really make the wrong actions right and that’s why keeping the whole incident in mind, Pro Inspire Wrestling has come to a decision of cutting back all working ties for the time being.

Pro Inspire Wrestling Has Also Issued An Official Statement! Have a Look.

They have issued an official statement saying that while Andy has apologized for what he did, this surely doesn’t make things lighter. They also said that this might come off as a lesson and he becomes a better human as a result.

This was more or less coming as the allegations are pretty severe in this case. Witht Dalton himself admitting it has pretty much cleared the air of him being responsible for the action. Dalton has not yet said anything about the Pro Inspire statement.