Glee Star Naya Rivera Passed Away In A Tragic Drowning Lake Accident. These were the final moments of her life.

Actress Naya Rivera passed away in a tragic drowning accident and the whole world was shocked to lose out on such a young and bright star. The actress had an untimely death and we would always remember her by.

Glee Star Naya Rivera Passed Away In A Tragic Drowning Accident.

Naya Rivera went on a boating trip and rented a boat to enjoy the scenic beauty with her four years old son Josey at Lake Piru northwest of Los Angeles. However, no one knew that this one innocent boat trip would turn out to be Naya’s worst nightmare.

Almost after three hours, a person noticed the same boat drifting with a small boy sleeping onboard. After this shocking discovery, authorities were called over, and an extensive search went on for days in search of Naya Rivera. Several of her co-stars and friend Have terribly mourned for this untimely loss and it seems like we had another gifted artists leaving us too early.

There Was An Extensive Search In Order To Look Out For Naya Rivera After She Went Missing.

After much intensive search, Nata Rivera was nowhere to be found and authorities soon concluded that while the last minutes were spent to save her son, Rivera apparently drowned. However, what was surprising is that Naya knew how to swim and would have drowned given the fact of how she knew swimming.

Although, when the autopsy reports came in it was discovered that she was having a bit of a sinus infection and a small number of amphetamines were found in her body. This report has clarified the situation further about the whole drowning accident and why she couldn’t survive despite knowing how to swim.