Ghosts: Danielle Pinnock divulges Shocking details about Alberta’s death

Danielle Pinnock, Protagonist of Ghosts, Shares About The “Super Hot Mess” That Caused Alberta to Pass Away

It is her first regular part in a series, and Danielle Pinnock is giving a great performance as Alberta in the CBC comedy Ghost, which has emerged as one of the most intrusive comedies in recent years.

Danielle Pinnock

What’s the storyline in Ghosts?

In this show, a couple named Sam and Jay are shown moving into a mansion. However, things take an unexpected turn when Sam has a nasty fall and begins to encounter ghosts in her home, including Alberta, a jazz singer who is convinced that she was killed amidst others saying that she had a heart attack.

Danielle Pinnock

She persuaded Sara and Todd to help with her murder inquiry, and they started looking into what had transpired on that day and, if Alberta had been murdered, who was responsible. Unexpected hints were found in Alberta’s diary, which pointed to Clara Brown, another jazz singer, as one of the potential suspects in Alberta’s murder.

What does Danielle Pinnock think of the Ghosts Series?

Speaking of the Ghosts series, Danielle Pinnock expressed her enthusiasm to be a part of the mystery-comedy series and hinted that Clara Brown would be suspected of killing Alberta because the two had beef and were performing alongside on the day of her death.

Danielle Pinnock | Ghosts

She expressed her joy at how Alberta is gradually coming to grasp who she is in the afterlife. She asked the viewers to keep watching the show since there are still a lot of incredible events left in this 22-episode run.

She stated that the Christmas episode was her favorite episode, and she was eager to see how the characters would respond. She also made notice of Alberta and Pete’s relationship, expressing the hope that Alberta would choose Pete wisely above her previous relationships in the series because he is a decent guy.

Hence, ghosts are becoming more and more intriguing. What do you suppose actually transpired that day, then? Did Alberta get killed?

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