“Ghislaine Maxwell made me recruit the youngest of the youngest!”: Epstein Victim.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the woman who says that she was enrolled in as a sex slave for Jeffrey Epstein, was trafficked to other powerful men too within the orbit if Epstein. She was first revealed in her on-camera interview to find out the youngest looking girl for the wealthy financier. In an interview aired on a Friday night, she told Dateline’s NBC’s Savannah Guthrie that it all had started when she was just a 16 year old. She said that a beautiful young woman first approached her with an English accent. The name of that woman was Ghislaine Maxwell, and she told her that she knows a man who is super creamy and is looking for a traveling Masseuse and she could come for an interview to him if she wanted to. Maxwell was the one who turned Giuffre’s life around. She was the one to lead her to Epstein who was lying naked on a massage table, and then both of them exchanged a Cheshire grin. Even after performing the sex acts as said by Maxell during their first meeting, she told her that they would help her become a real masseuse and she went back again to him.

She told that Giuffre has to deal with Epstein as a necessary evil to get out of the life of abuse and lead into a healthy life. However, then it was sooner or later, she realized that her life revolved only around violence. Moreover, then eventually, Maxwell trained her too to recruited girls for Epstein. She told that Jeffrey was very particular about his choices for the girls that the younger, the better. He said to her that she must go for the girl who is the youngest looking. She then reluctantly brought girls to him.

She said that it will always haunt her.