George Clooney To Begin Production For The Boys In The Boat Film

George Clooney all set with his casts for the much awaited film adaptation “The Boys In The Boat”

George Clooney has long been waiting to get a green light for the film adaptation of The Boys In The Boat. Hopefully, the much awaited film of Clooney is heading towards its production and the whole team is excited. While the fans are hoping to have the film soon on the big screen we have updates on the upcoming movie.

George Clooney to produce and direct the film adaptation The Boys In The Boat


Certainly, as per the reports George is going to not just direct the movie he has been waiting for but also he’ll be producing it. Nonetheless, the story of the upcoming Clooney movie would be taken from the novel of Daniel James Brown titled The Boys In The Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Question For Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The story for the movie has been written by Mark L. Smith with reference to the Brown’s novel. Not to forget, the novel was released back in the year 2013 and was a massive hit of its time. Well, hopefully the film of Clooney would be expected with the same fame as that of the novel.

Clooney casts actors with production to begin soon

George Clooney

After completing the direction of the movie The Tender Bar with Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan, Clooney is finally onto the awaited movie adaptation The Boys In The Boat. Luckily, he has also decided the actors who would be joining in for the movie. Thus the cast is suppose to have Joel Edgerton, Jack Mulhern, Sam Strike, Luke Slattery, Thomas Elms, Tom Varey etc.

Along with many other stars, the production of the movie is finally to begin this month. As such we might get a release scheduled for the movie too after the filming wraps up.