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George Clooney Opens Up About Marriage And How It Just Clicked Right With Ladylove Amal!

Fans have always taken inspiration from some of our beloved couples of all times and it seems like one of our heartthrob actors of Hollywood has recently opened about his lady love, being a father, and more!

George Clooney Opens Up About His Marriage, And How It Was Meant To Be With Amal Clooney!

Iconic actor George Clooney broke millions of hearts when he got married to the smart and successful Amal Clooney and was officially off the market. The couple has managed to grab eyeballs over the years with their stunning chemistry and fashion statement. Recently, the actor opened up about his marriage and he clicked right with Amal.

The Ocean’s Twelve actor confessed in his recent exclusive interview with GQ that marriage and kids were initially not a part of his plan until he met Amal and everything pretty much changed. The actor further confessed that he has never been in a position where someone else’s life was infinitely more important for him than his own.

The Up In The Air Actor Tells Us All How Married Life Changed Him!

However, everything just clicked right and might have changed a bit and it seems like Amal is not the only important person in Clooney’s life! The couple welcomed adorable twins  Alexander and Ella back in 2017. George Clooney, like a proud father  revealed that three-year-old Alexander can speak fluent Italian!

The actor sure has to admit that marriage, especially Amal changed him and now it seems like he cannot even imagine his life without his family. The actor believes that there was a huge empty space and everything in his life and everything just fell after Amal came in his life.

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