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Natalie Portman Talks About The Disturbing Aftermath Of Being Sexualised At A Very Young Age That Includes Getting Mails Of Rape Fantasy!

While Natalie Portman’s acting in Léon: The Professional won’t on to become a huge success, the aftermath of it on the actress’ life was not that pleasant! The actress recently opened up about the disturbing aftermath of this film in a podcast.

Natalie Portman Open Up About The Aftermath Of Her Movie, Léon: The Professional

In her recent appearance in Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, the actress confessed that after this film, she was sexualized by the media and that took a toll on her own sexuality at such a young age. As the actress went on to say that she wanted to be respected and did not like when people saw her in a certain way which was highly sexualized in nature!

The actress went on to make a huge confession saying that after the movie was released, things went to such an extent that she even received her first-ever fan mail which was a rape fantasy! Natalie Portman later turned down the offer of playing Lolita on screen.

The Actress Said That She Was Sexualized From A Young Age.

This makes us wonder how women are projected in the film industry after movies like this come out in the public eye. Natalie Portman explains how while there is a desire to explore things at a certain age, it is not necessarily safe when there is older men interested.

Moreover, the  podcast episode also says a lot about how women are portrayed in the various movies and there is at stereotype attached to these character. This is what the actress discussed in the podcast and how extremely problematic it is when we look at it in a certain way.

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