Fruits Basket season 2: what will be happening in the second season of this occult fiction shojo manga series? Read to know all exclusive updates here.

Fruits Basket season 1 concluded in 2001 with an incomplete story and fans are demanding more if the anime series. The producers, American licensor funimation have been planning for a second season for so long but their plan didn’t work out.

The creators got busy in other manga animation series like Natsuki Takaya and anime director Akitaro Daichi and it seemed like Fruits Basket season 2 is never gonna happen. However, nostalgia for the series again rose up in 2019 when director Yoshihide Ibata came up with a new Fruits Basket anime show. It was adapted from the original manga series and promised to cover the entire story.

However, you need to know that the real manga of Fruits Basket is 23 volume thus it’ll take a long time to complete the full adaptation. And you’ll be happy to know that season 2 is gonna AIR in spring 2020.

Where can you watch Fruits Basket season 2?

The show started telecasting on the Japanese TV from 6th April 2020. FUNimation confirmed that it will release a simuldub of the show which is expected to stream on Crunchyroll as it happened in the case of season 1. There were some limited theatrical screenings too for some selected cities of United States, but it got cancelled due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

What will happen in Fruits basket season 2?

We were introduced to Rin, the horse by the end of season 1, thus, it is expected that we’ll have more scenes of him in the second season. Some other characters will also be introduced this season, like, Kureno the Rooster, Half-siblings Kakeru Manabe and Manachi Kurabe. There can be some more new characters, no confirmation has been made yet. We’ll inform you with all the updates regarding the show, stay tuned for that.