OMG!!‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast feud turned real!! Friends and co-hosts “sabotaged” things for each other!!

Fans must be aware of the wacky yet popular podcast show titled Call Her Daddy prevailing around two female hosts and their raunchy sex life details, recently the podcast turned into a rather dramatic feud between the two, and things turned pretty heated soon!

Popular Podcast Call Her Daddy Has Turned Into A Bitter Feud! Here’s What We Know.

After the overnight success of the podcast, it was soon acquired by Barstool Sports which is a blokey media company in the US. This happened just about a month after their duo’s first episode aired and has been a roaring success amongst fans and severed huge attention from listeners.

However, the two have been negotiating with Barstool for an increase in the money considering the worth of success of the podcast, this negotiation has still gone nowhere with no new episode waiting for quite a while now. Take a look at this Twitter post .

The Two Hosts Have Been Negotiating With The Founder Of Barstool.

Barstool’s founder, David Portnoy have recently aired a new episode of its own tagging the hosts as greedy, disloyal, and unprofessional! Things have become pretty dramatic and soon tuned I to a controversial feud!

He further gave us more details stating that while Cooper was happy with the new offer, it was Franklin who was not quite thrilled and asked for more. Not only that but she began shopping the podcast around to competitors. Cooper has opened up about being unhappy with Franklin going behind her back and negotiating.  The feud has turned pretty messy and ugly with a problematic triangle with each playing the blame game. We still don’t know when will the negotiating and this feud end!