From Meghan Markle to the Queen of England, This Hairdresser Has Made Some Major Revelation About The Queen!

Being in front of the public is no easy job. There is a constant pleasure to look good and perfect when you are a known face. Some celebrities to save time do their own makeup is quite the pro in it. This royal figure is not the only one in the royal family to do her own makeup, and we need to know who is the other one!

The Royal Family Becoming The MakeUp Expert!

Apparently, Meghan Markle’s dear friend Daniel Martin has revealed that the Duchess of Sussex does all her make up by herself.

Major Revelations About The Queen and Her Style 

According to a new book written by Angela Kelly, who worked as the Queen’s hairdresser, has also disclosed some major secrets about the Queen! It seems like apart from Meghan Markle, the Queen of England does her makeup all by herself for 364 days. There is an exception for one day when she stars in the Christmas Day Broadcast.

Moreover, It is rumored that the Queen of England is a huge fan of brands like Clarins, other than she also likes French cosmetics brand’s classic Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. She obviously needs a good hand cream to wave at her fans and also to shake hands with admirers. A red lipstick by Elizabeth Arden is a must-have for the Queen and can be most often found in her purse. It seems that this means has also earned the Queen’s admiration.

These are some of the major revelations that are done by Kelly in her book titled The Other Side Of The Coin: the Queen, the dresser, and the Wardrobe. It seems like the Queen is quite the pro with her makeup tool and thus prefers to do her makeup all by herself all throughout the year.