Teyana Taylor and Kehlani Collaboration Is Setting The Records On Fire “Morning”!!

Celebrity collaboration is always great! They are not only extra special, but we also get to see two of our favorite stars together. Recently, two extremely talented artists have made a music video together, and it has already created quite a buzz for themselves! Let’s check out the details!

Who Are all Collaborating For A Recent Music Video?

Apparently, Teyana Taylor and Kehlani have dropped their new single,” Morning.” Along with the release of this music video, Teyana has announced the title of her next project, THE ALBUM, via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam Recordings. The morning features a soulful beat and smooth flow, along with some really personal lyrics. The music is quite passionate.

Setting The Mood On Fire By The Two Artists.

The two artists in the video set the grounds on fire with their sizzling chemistry. The lyrics are passionate, along with the two artists’ voices mingling into harmonizing a lustful manner. The two ladies go into a dark room then into the hot tub for a late-night dip. The two artists get quite intimate in the video. The attire worn by the two artists is also quite similar, especially the diamond neckpiece worn by both the artists who are giving a kickass look to their overall persona.

Both the artists are similar in some ways, and the video has meticulously highlighted the sizzling chemistry between the two. Both are known for their genre-mixing talents, and both are known for their sexuality that they bring to all the music they create. The overall environment of the music video is filled with dark colors, and the starting is quite creative with the two singing through the photographs creating a beautiful yet passionate persona.

This video will surely turn out to create an overall buzz due to the scenes and of course, the sensational lyrics.