From Extreme Dieting Pills To Public Meltdown , Brandy Norwood Had Quite A Controversial Personal Life!

Brandy Norwood has received fame from quite a young age with a big role in the hit sitcom Moesha to popular music albums and Grammy nominations as well! Despite having a rather thriving career, Brandy had to face quite a few ups and downs over the years.

Let Us Take a Look At Brandy Norwood’s Controversial Personal Life Over The Years.

Brandy Norwood faced major heartbreak when she broke things off with boyfriend Wanya Morris, she even cited him as her first true love. While no reasons were states by both the parties, it was reported that Morris might have cheated on her. Moreover, Brandy was going through some severe health issues due to the dieting pills she was secretly taking.

While her personal life was going through a crisis, her health deteriorated and exhaustion and dehydration were cited as the two effects of this extreme dieting. Brandy went on to have a meltdown at the sets of Moesha as well.

The Actress Suffered From Major Mental And Physical Breakdown Over The Years.

After several heartbreaks over the years and apparent engagement which were soon called off, the actress turned singer faces another major problem when she got involved in a major automobile collision accident! However, the charges against her were soon dripped when traces of heroin were found in the body of the woman who passed away. Whitney Houston’s death also disturbed the actress as the two were quite close.

The actress had quite controversial personal life over the years with several failed relationships, now the actress has turned vegetarian and is also on board with the idea of a Moesha reboot as well! Moreover, we wonder whether any network might like the idea after all.