Fortnite v11.30 updates now available. Will it be able to meet the expectation of the users!!

Fortnite v11.30 is being updated. So what should the users be expecting now? A good or bad change?

Well, with the new update, there is a new thing being introduced called split-screen. Through this feature, Duos and Squads can be played with friends on the same platform, that is, the same PlayStation or Xbox One. The company also revealed that through this feature, there might be some bugs that can be improved if reported. Also, this feature is not fully completed. So with time, many more changes will come up.

Also, the user has the freedom to look through what us in the Item Store using their mobile phones. To preview, the simple step is just to open Party Hub then go towards the right. Then you will see preview items. There the user can use this feature to their own choice.

The new version also has a new Ammo Indicator. Before, it had a solid bar. But now there is a visualized creation of the remaining ammo number.

A user with the new version can also when he/she wants to change from ‘Eliminated By’ screen to the ‘end of match XP’ screen. If a user wants a transition to ‘end of match XP,’ then just ‘click’ continue on the ‘Eliminated By screen.’

So now, hopefully, with the new version, fans and users can enjoy it more. They will have more freedom and accessibility to the game very well. With time things change, so the version change is indeed a good decision also. The new version is 11.30, which has lots of features. But there are lots of bugs with it. Also, the features are being fully completed. So if it takes time, then it is probably due to the change. Probably in the future, there will be more changes also to the recent features.