Fortnite Season 11 to enrich your gaming experience! The new maps and NightNight are just the start!

Clearly, it appears that the month of October is going to be busy for gamers. Since Fortnite season 10 is set to end, it is estimated that Season 11 will replace it around October 6.

Importantly, the Battle Royale game provides gamers with new updates every season. This is going to be no different.

Leakers have posted that many beloved features of games may be lost. Subsequently, Battle Bus will change to Night Night. 

Besides, there are guesses that new ‘skins’ and a lot of Overtime events to engage the gamers. Conversely, Overtime events will be launched to keep the gamers occupied while the new season is set to release.

According to data, it is surmised that Fortnite is actually exiting Early Access, and the NightNight event is a celebration of that.

Although, the maps saw no update in season 10. But data miners have noticed changes in the map. Neo Tilted may turn to an Old West theme called Tilted Town by going back in time. Thus locations of past appear again.

Night Night event would lead to a new era in Fortnite. The early access is deemed to end. Season 11 of Fortnite will have Bots that appearing in low-level matches to try and encourage new players to play more and gain more experience.

In addition to this, Gotham style city is coming alive. Thus, a tribute to Batman is in order.

Epic gave a glimpse of the return of Dusty Depot on the map. Additionally, the meteor seen in season 3 is set to be floating above Dusty Depot in stasis.

The v10.40 update has to bring enhanced aim to assist features and better controls, unlike the blunder of Brute, which became a topic of a meme.

Leakers like Lucas7Yoshi have shared many aspects of the game, following from events like Rocket event to torchlight weapon. Clearly, new screens, weapons, and screens are set to warp the game in a new era.

The Fortnite server downtime will appear on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, so you’ll rush to get your updates.