Fans Are In For A Big Surprise In This Latest WandaVision Trailer and what does Scarlet Witch have to do with it?

While Disney + is planning some great back to back standalone series on popular Marvel Comics characters, a recent revelation has surprised fans and they are in for a treat!

There’s A Lot To Look Out For In The Latest WandaVision Trailer!

Recently, fans got to see a brand new trailer of the upcoming series WandaVision and the teaser seems to have made a big revelation, showing Scarlett witch creating a new Captain Marvel by giving Monica Rambeau some of her powers. If you haven’t already witnessed all the new action, here’s the trailer for you all!

One of the most prominent characters of Marvel Universe, Monica Rambeau has been the focus of speculation in the upcoming standalone series. Fans saw her making her on-screen debut in Captain Marvel last year.

What’s In Store For Fans In This Upcoming Disney Standalone Series?

As far as we know Monica used to work to Nick Fury’s SWORD. Fans are coming up with several interesting fan theories about what kind of role will she play in the WandaVision series. Her character made its debut in the Marvel Comics, Monica Rambeau was introduced back in 1982 as a cop in New Orleans. The new Disney series might put Monica’s extra-dimensional powers in use.

While we all are quite familiar with the future of Scarlett witch and Vision in particular, it would be interesting to see how the series moulds the story further in this extra-dimensional reality. With Scarlett witch all set to make her appearance in the Doctor Strange sequel, this series is going to be an exciting watch. However, we have to wait for a while as production might have been delayed for pandemic issues.