Dax Shephard Made A Shocking Revelation About His Addiction And Journey Of Sobriety! Check it out.

It seems like actor and game show host Dax Shephard recently made a shocking confession and it is big news considering his past and his struggles with sobriety for a while now.


Actor And Host Dax Shephard Made A Shocking Revelation About His Life!

While the actor celebrated sixteen years of sobriety recently, he also made a shocking revelation that he relapsed on painkillers. He made this confession on his podcast Armchair Expert on Friday further stating how his use of painkillers went out of control following a motorcycle accident that happening this summer. Take a look at this heartwarming post that celebrated Dax’s journey of sobriety.



Moreover, while  the actor said that he has been careful about the dosage but it did spiral out of control. Even his co-host Monica Padman asked him what he was on. Dax Shephard also further confessed that he has been lying to his wife and his co-host as well.

The Actor Has Been Having Issues With Painkiller And His Sobriety.


However, he did hand over the pills over to his wife, Kristen Bell, and ask for help and follow the path of recovery. Shephard said that he is proudly sober and free from his addiction from alcohol and cocaine but he also added that he is not sober in the way he wanted it to be.



However, although the actor relapsed he is taking baby steps towards his recovery with his family’s support all throughout the journey. It sure is a difficult path but like many, he will surely bounce back. Several actors have been vocal about their journey of addiction, and how they have been battling against it for all these years.