Fan of space drama? Away on Netflix might be the perfect series for you! Here’s what you need to know.

Rarely do we have movies or series that concern science. The few that exist are either not understood by the people and hence have a low rate of views, while the others who prefer watching it are the ones from science background which makes it easier for them to understand the series that are concerned about the space and astronomy in general. The few series that has a good public review are not hardcore science movies but have some elements of fiction attached to them.

Usually the broadcasting platform, Netflix is where most of the science movies and entertainment products get released due to its high reach and expanse among the public.

What is the recent series that is being talked about?

The series that is named Away is the science fiction which talks about a NASA astronaut who has the desire to travel to Mars and has her aim well-fitted at the planet. Her desire of visiting the red planet is the ultimate aim of the series and those who will watch the series would know about the journey. The astronaut is named Hilary Swank and the is the main character of the series as well.

For those who are interested in knowing the details of astronomy can watch this series and determine their love for the same. The trip to the red planet must be watched and the viewers would see the amusement in the travel once they stream and watch the drama series. A must-watch and the series on which one can lay their deals and spend time from the day, this series will leave one startled with the story and the animation that can be seen in the minute details of the series. Stream and watch it the soonest as possible.