Falling in love is easy, but staying take lot of efforts!

Coming across the current status of one’s relationship, we often see people swapping their partners rather than making more effort to save their relationship.

Youth today is in a “hurry” and that we can see in their relationships too. People today fall in love very easily, but falling isn’t enough to make a relationship profitable. One has to sacrifice their choices and should try to make out some time for their lovemate. If you want a sizzling and fun relationship, you have to make constant efforts by telling your partner how much do care for them,  how much do you love them, and that how much they are important to you. You can do small things for them rather than going on expensive dates with them because “money cannot buy love.”

But, sometimes it also happens that you end up choosing a wrong partner for yourself; for that case, you should take a break from them and you should make out some time for yourself, as you cannot paint someone’s canvas when your own palette is out of colors. Give yourself some pampering, do things which make you happy and meanwhile try to analyze what you actually want from your partner; you may make pointers for it in your diary (if you have any).

Love is something you cannot bound in words; it’s more than something say a ‘zing’ you feel for someone at first sight. Caring, sacrificing your parts(not physical ones), making out time for someone when you are busy as hell, and, most importantly, nurturing someone – are signs that you (may) love them.

The reasons behind breakups in today’s scenario are unmet expectations one has towards their partner, in that case instead of giving up, you should try to minimize your height of expectations as it might have been burdening your relationship. You should take some time,  cool down your mind and make your partner comfortable with your existence ( a new existence,  where you have the least expectations from them).

To conclude, if you want your relationship to be functional and want it to last forever, you should not only think from your heart but also from your mind too to make things functional.