Riverdale Season 4 update: Fans Come up with a new crazy theory! Can it be true? Checkout for more details!!

The fourth season of Riverdale just started and the fans are already hooked. This series has the right amount of mystery, drama and suspense. But at the same time, the series raised several questions in the minds of the fans, which are still unanswered. So of course, theories are pouring in. Not that we mind! It’s great to hear the thoughts of the fans. And the creativity just keeps on increasing.

With so much speculation and imagination going on, the fans are commenting on all the possible theories about the show. While some are downright outrageous, some may be true as well. But there is one theory that started going around since season one of the series. And the theory is still going strong. It involves one of our favourite characters- Jughead Jones. There are many fans who commented on the theory on Riverdale’s Reddit page.

The idea is that the entire plot of Riverdale is in Jughead’s mind. And maybe Riverdale is the book he is working on right from the beginning. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it? And it doesn’t seem totally impossible as well. Most of the episodes of the series begin and end with Jughead’s monologue. And we often see him typing on his computer. Also, the first line of the first episode is also a monologue from Jughead which says: “This story is about a small town, a small town and the people who live in this town…”

Once this theory came around, more and more people started adding up to prove it. Some said it might be true since they call every episode a “Chapter”. Maybe they are chapters from Jughead’s book? Moreover, the first episode of the fourth season further proved that the theory might actually be true. In episode one of the fourth season, we see Jughead at the Pop Tate’s counter talking about a few incidents. He looks over on his left and sees the four characters (Jughead, Archie, Betty and Veronica) sitting in the booth and chatting. Does it mean he’s writing their story, and he’s imagining everything as he is writing?

But then there is another point to consider. If the story isn’t real and everything is in Jughead’s mind, what about the graphic sex scenes between Archie and Veronica? It’s a little weird to write erotic scenes of your own friends, isn’t it? Then again the fans approached this with a different mindset. Maybe Archie has no love life and Jughead just invented something dreamy for his friend and for himself as well. Ultimately, it’s just comics, right?

Well, for now we don’t know whether the incidents in Riverdale are actually happening or it’s just Jughead’s imagination. But nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that the theory will add a great twist if it’s true. Let’s wait and watch how the story gradually unfolds.