‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ is no more on Netflix and the fans are very much upset

Is this a nightmare for Friends fans? Yes indeed. The all-time favorite sitcom is no more available on your favorite tv series platform “Netflix”.


A piece of sad news for the Friends fans

The show was said to be removed at the beginning of the new year, that is, by the 1st of January people won’t be able to have access to the most-watched show on the platform. The news has left the show’s fans with disappointment. Not the start to the brand new year and the brand new decade was invited by the people. But, there have been mixed reactions received by the fans on social media.

Some people believe that Friends removal has ensured that they could now turn to the other available shows on Netflix. They are left with the expectations that Netflix will be releasing amazing shows as it has been doing like before. In most cases, Netflix customers have been caught in cycles of rage over Netflix having the audacity to take it off from its platform. There have been fits of sadness as one of the most binge-ready sitcoms in existence will be available on the HBO Max platform in another five months. Some users didn’t even wait until the new year officially started before Friends-free emotions took over.

Now fans won’t be able to see their favorite characters. Be it Monica’s first bang or Ross’ equivalent to giving someone the middle finger, the viewer is going to miss the amazing scenes of the show. The show’s permanent vacation from Netflix isn’t great news for someone who spent their night binge-watching its episodes.

However, the news that Friends would be leaving Netflix has been publicized for ages. Fans showed their anger back at the end of 2018 when it was on the verge of its exclusion from Netflix. Netflix ponied up a ton of money to keep it in its library content for one more year.


But there was no justice for Friends fans who were trying to get some last-minute episodes watched before 2020 rang in, as evidenced by a tweet.