Elizabeth Mitchell to Reprise her Role in ‘Santa Clause 4’ With Tim Allen

Elizabeth Mitchell Reprising her Role in Santa Clause

Elizabeth Mitchell to Reprise her Role in ‘Santa Clause’ American actor Elizabeth Mitchell will once again get on board with the team of “The Santa Clause”. The actress will join Tim Allen for the Disney+ limited series. She will play the role of Carol/Mrs. Claus and Allen will play Scott Calvin/Santa. Mitchell played the role role in “The Santa Clause 2” and in  “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.”

The forthcoming series will follow Scott as he is at the edge of turning 65. The film surrounds Scott realizing that he can’t, forever be Santa. Scott hits the road to find a worthy substitute. In addition to that he has a family who would love to have a normal life since his two kids have grown up in the north pole.

Elizabeth Mitchell Reprising her Role in Santa Clause
Instagram/ Elizabeth Mitchell

Production and Cast

Tim Allen will also produce this film along with the showrunner, Jack Burditt. Richard Baker and Rick Messina will serve as executive producers. Elizabeth Mitchell, best known for her role in “Lost” as Juliet will appear next in “First Kill”, later this year. She also worked in “The Expanse,” “Outer Banks” and “Once Upon a Time.” She will also work with Ellen Burstyn, James Caan and Ann-Margret for “Queen Bees”.

Elizabeth Mitchell Reprising her Role in Santa Clause
Twitter/ Tim Allen

Mitchell and her Excitement for the Project

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mitchell said that she would do a reboot of Santa Clause in a heartbeat. According to her, a believing in magic brings a childlike sense to an adult. Santa Clause movies were fun to make and it was a gift to be able to make people happy, she added.

The Dead of Summer actress is represented by APA and Link Entertainment. The project was announced on January 14 consequently the production will begin in March. 20th television will produce the series. All the holiday movie enthusiasts are definitely waiting for the movie’s release.