“Elite” is coming back for season 3!! Major development as Cayetana will lead these teenagers and they are all about some serious stuff??

Are you ready for some high-school drama with a handful of murder and mysteries then we might have something for you to take a look at?

“Elite”, A series full of drama with mystery lurking around the characters regarding a murder, sounds kind of “13 reasons why” but in a true sense, it’s not.

The series is more than just famous as it was able to reach 20 million viewers for the first season, as a result, the show was renewed for the second season even before releasing all the episodes for the show.

The cast of the show is going to remain the same as season 2 with three new additions for the third season with Georgina Amoros, Claudia Salas, and Jorge Lopez. As, the show remained popular due to which the third season was in news officially even before the second aired on August 29,2019.

There is no trailer though for the third season. The upcoming season is going to talk about the news and the reactions of the other members as it turns out that Polo was the murderer of one of the Elite’s students.

And as the new student, Georgina Amoros a.k.a Cayetana was also involved with Polo as per the second season could also conclude the fact that she is also going to take the central stage.

With that being said, there are a lot of secrets hiding behind the curtains of crime and to reveal all those sins done by some of them we need to wait and also need to watch the previous seasons to make sure that every chip falls at the right place.

And as this show is one of the best Netflix has, there are a lot of expectations from the third season. So, let’s see what’s going to happen in season 3.