Early ‘Black Adam’ Box Office Projections Have Already Beaten ‘Shazam!’

Which one of the two rivals will ultimately come out on top?

New projections state that Black Adam will be beating Shazam! in the box office. Shazam, starring Asher Angel and Zackary Levi came out in 2019, and was a lighter family-centric action comedy for the DCEU. Meanwhile, the upcoming Black Adam has Dwayne Johnson as the titular anti-hero who is trying to see his place in the world. In fact, the two almost coincided in Shazam’s first movie but Johnson said it was not a good idea.

Black Adam Predictions

Shazam, Black Adam

In a recent report by VarietyBlack Adam is expected to collect $328 million in the list of upcoming releases. The movie comes in at number three, after highly anticipated sequels Avatar: The Way of Water and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. However, the movie will be earning more than double of what Shazam! made in 2019, with $159.1 million.

The movie contains a lot of hype, especially with Dwayne Johnson being one of the biggest Hollywood stars in present times. The movie was additionally stated as a game-changer for the DCEU. This can be an assurance that the makers at Warner Bros. are looking to change their image after numerous muddled productions and controversies, that resulted in Batgirl getting shelved eternally and The Flash still facing trouble with lead star Ezra Miller.

The new morally gray tone of Adam can be seen from the trailers and if the projections come to be accurate, he will be in a position of leadership as the DCEU grows.

Eventual Meeting

Black Adam

The Shazam! sequel seems to give more solid foundation to the character in the roster of heroes, and it will only be a matter of time before he comes face to face with Adam. But before that however, we will want to see Adam go toe-to-toe with Superman, played by Henry Cavill. Some rumours already suggest that Supes will be in a post-credit scene.

Black Adam premieres on October 21.