Dwyane Wade Sets the Record Straight on Split with Gabrielle Union: What You Need to Know

Dwyane Wade Clarifies Split with Gabrielle Union: “Everything Else, I’m 1,000% and She’s 1,000%”
Dwyane Wade, a former NBA star, recently sat down with Shannon Sharpe on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast to clarify some of the comments his wife, Gabrielle Union, made earlier this year. Union had previously stated in May that the couple splits everything 50/50. However, Wade noted in the interview that this statement wasn’t entirely accurate. Here’s what they had to say about their arrangement:

Union Says Splitting 50/50 Can Be Stressful

While appearing in a May interview with Bloomberg Originals, Gabrielle Union stated that splitting everything 50/50 in their household worked for them. However, she expressed that it can be stressful since each of them has to support other family members separately. Union said that not being able to contribute fully to everyone makes it difficult, but they work through it.

Wade Agrees He Does More

During the “Club Shay Shay” interview, Wade agreed with Union’s previous statement, but said that the couple does not split everything 50/50. He stated, “Let’s say I have 20 to 50 responsibilities, and my wife has 20 to 50 responsibilities, and when I say that, that means she has her mother, she has her sisters, she has her dad, she has a lot of things she’s responsible for… You know what she does? She pays 100% of that. You know what I do? I pay 100% of my life.”

Only a Few Things Split 50/50

Wade noted that there are only a few things in their lives where they split everything 50/50, and that includes taking care of their daughter, Kaavia, who is four years old. Other than that, Wade said that he does much more than Union in their household and takes care of his responsibilities 100%.

Union Claimed House Belonged to Both of Them

On the podcast, Wade revealed that their 50/50 agreement came into existence after the couple disagreed over whether their house in Miami belonged solely to Wade. Wade said he had referred to it as “my house,” but Union didn’t like that and said that the residence belonged to both of them.

Wade Had to Be Persuaded to Sign a Prenup

Wade also revealed that Union had to persuade him to sign a prenup before they got married. Union is a millionaire in her own right, and Wade said he didn’t want to see a situation where he spent all his money on their life together, then have Union leave and take 90% of his earnings.

Fans Responded Positively to Wade’s Comments

Fans of the couple took to social media in support of their relationship dynamics. Many said that they appreciated Wade’s perspective on the matter, and some said that their own relationships work similarly. Overall, fans are glad to see that the couple’s marriage works well for them.


Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been very open about their relationship and how they make it work. Their split 50/50 comment has clarified, with Wade saying that they only do this on a few things. It is a refreshing change of pace to see this celebrity couple’s honesty about their arrangement, which may help others out there struggling to find what works in their own relationship.


1. What does Gabrielle Union mean when she said splitting 50/50 can be stressful?

Union meant that when the couple splits their finances 50/50 in their household, it can be difficult because each of them has to support other family members separately.

2. How did Union persuade Wade to get a prenup?

Union had to convince Wade that he should get a prenup before they got married. Being a millionaire in her own right, Union wanted to ensure that a potential divorce between them wouldn’t mean that Wade would lose all his earnings.

3. What does Wade pay 100% of?

According to Wade, he pays 100% of his life thanks to their arrangement where only a few things are split 50/50.

4. What do fans think about Wade and Union’s relationship dynamics?

Fans seem to appreciate the open and honest dialogue that the couple has around their relationship dynamics and how they make it work. Some even say their own relationship works similarly.

5. How long have Wade and Union been married?

The couple has been married since 2014.