Drake and Budden’s friendly banter on Instagram leave fans in all laughter

This Saturday (24th of August), Joe Budden hosted his annual cool pool party at his place in New Jersey. A few lucky ones who received the invite or knew someone in the Budden circle was able to attend the party.

The party was everything a really cool pool party can ever be. Budden shared posts on social media to give his followers glimpses from the party. He also went live on Instagram during the party. Soon, Drake joined this live video. And no sooner Drake joined the video, he began with his friendly trolls.

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You know the vibes… & if you don’t, i included rules… See you Saturday. 😎

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Drake tossed jokes about the attendance at the party. He joked if Budden was towels and also asked Budden to play some Tyga. First of all, Drake requested Rory to come to the live video. To this, Budden explained that there was a love-hate relationship between Rory and Drizzy.

Next, Drake began with his demands to play different tracks. He asked the DJ to play Budden’s diss track to see if everyone at the party “ring off”. To this Budden responded, “That’s not nice Drake”. Again, Drake made a track demand. This time, he asked the DJ to play Pusha-T’s ‘The Story of Adidon’. This was also to see, “if they ring off”.

Drake’s trolling reached its zenith when he made a demand for ‘Pump it Up’. He wrote that the track would send Airbnb into a frenzy on God. To this, Budden laughingly said, “And you know it would, n***a. Don’t play. I’ll turn that shit on. ‘Pump It Up’ birthed you n****s”.

Finally, before ending the live video, Budden told Drake not to play. Budden wrote not to come in there and hurt his feelings. “My dog just died. My birthday is next week. I don’t have time for these shenanigans”.