Drake and Budden are coming together to coordinate an interview, “when the album’s ready,”

By 3 months ago

Drake and Joe Budden were not so close to each other but they are coming together to entertain their fans at the time of boring quarantine.

Joe Budden often used Instagram’s live feature to communicate with his people and this time it increased due to the lockdown especially when everyone is looking for something to do. Broadcaster Budden and Canadian Rapper Drake appeared on live last Sunday and they were engaged in a brief discussion as to why they didn’t meet often.

Budden said, “You’re the only one that, like, avoids me for some strange reason”. And he cited himself that he is always cool with everyone else. “Never avoid you, I just don’t see you. We’re never in the same place.” , Drake replied.

Budden asked as he was kidding, “Cause I’m too broke?”With a smile, Drake said, “I didn’t want to say it,”

Budden also talked about him that how fellow podcasters, Elliott Wilson and B.Dot of Rap Radar, were able to interview Drake late last year when they visited his house in Toronto. Drake suggested to him, “We should coordinate and interview when the album’s ready,”. Budden asked for Drake’s suggestion,” You’ve been saying that for a year, and now I have a whole leaked album with like 30 Drake joints.”  Drake claimed that those were the old song.

“Why do you troll me this way? Honestly? Like, you don’t think it’s hurtful to me?” Budden asked Drake before he left. Drake smiled and said, “Your playful trolling always came with an encouraging undertone.”

The people who saw them online together were pretty thrilled. Many of their fans are super excited about the interview that Drake promised. With Drake’s new album nearing its release, we can only expect the thrill to grow.